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Solar Power Panel

Solar Power Panel



 ₱ 200,000

5 Reason why buy Solar Panels from GLP.

1.This will reduce your electric bill

2.The Electric utility will pay you

3.Helping the Environment


5.Quality Solar panels

Reduce your electric bill.

-Solar Power Panel Since you are now producing your own electricity from the solar panel this would limit the purchase of electricity from the electric Utility.

Electric utility will pay you.

-The electricity produced by the solar panels will continue as long as it is in direct contact with solar radiation even if you are not using it. By this the electric energy produced will be exported to the Distribution Utility (DU) then the DU will have to pay for that electric energy.

Helping Environment.

-Producing electricity from a solar panel does not need fossil fuel to be burned therefore there is no emission that contributes to climate change.


-History tells us that cost of electricity does not go down. It is increasing by an average of 7% per year. If you are paying Php 5,000.00 per month on your electric bill, after 15 years you will be paying not less than Php 10,250.00 per month. By installing solar panel now and producing electricity from a free source, this will mitigate the higher cost of electricity in the future since solar panels can last up to thirty five (35) years.


8 Quality Solar panel.

a.Extended warranty

b.Reasonable price and supplied by the largest solar

Panel manufacturer in the world.

c.Assist customers in deciding on what is the appropriate

size/capacity of solar panel needed.

d.Process documentary requirements for pag-ibig loan

availment and utility requirements.

Energy Production:

2Kw solar panel x 5.5 hrs ave. sunlight per day x 30 days x Php 10.00/kwh

= Php 3,300.00 per month (amount reduced on your electric bill).

= Php 39,600.00 per year

Recovery of Investment:

= Cost of 2 Kw solar panel Php 200,000.00 / Annual energy to peso production Php 39,600.00

= 5 Years

Retail price of 2KW or 2,000 watts of solar system is

Php 200,000.00 (FREE installation within metro Cebu area

Purchase Options

Ø 1 KW or 1,000 Watts Solar System: Php 135,000.00

Ø 2 KW or 2,000 Watts Solar System: Php 200,000.00

Option 1: Direct Purchase

Term: Cash or On Date

Check payment

Option 2: Pag-ibig Loan

Reservation Fee: 10%

Remaining Balance is upon release of pag-ibig loan:

Option 3: Bank Loan:

Reservation Fee: 10%

Remaining Balance is upon release of loan:

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